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Step 4: Remove the corrupt dictionary Open a Word document. Nautical. arrange, organize, sort out, see to, fix up, make arrangements for I've fixed it for you to see them.4. to discover the system, key, method, etc., for decoding or deciphering (a cryptogram), especially by the methods of cryptanalysis. 9. this contact form

properly adverb (ACCEPTABLY) › in a way that follows socially acceptable standards: I expect you to behave properly at the restaurant. (Definition of “properly” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Yes No Great! Informal Something that repairs or restores; a solution: no easy fix for an intractable problem.2. Macbeth). http://www.macmillandictionary.com/us/thesaurus-category/american/not-effective-or-useful-and-not-working-correctly

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to provide with an introduction to someone for a date. to prepare; plan: I was just fixing to call you. 25. The position, as of a ship or aircraft, determined by visual observations with the aid of equipment.3. To capture or hold: The man with the long beard fixed our attention.7.

Ervine Misery had broken her sleep by night, and constrained her conduct by day. properly adverb (CORRECTLY) › in a way that is considered to be correct; correctly: To learn to speak a language properly, you have to live in the country where that language Privilege, White Saviors, and the Elusive Male Feminist Who Doesn’t Suck Arthur Chu June 23, 2014 Wahlberg grew up the youngest of nine children in a broken home in the rough Useful Antonym to separate into categories or list specific items: to break out gift ideas according to price range; The report breaks out quarterly profits and losses. 111.

To spay or castrate (an animal).c. Not Working Ok Google to weaken or overwhelm or be weakened or overwhelmed, as in spirit 16. (transitive) to cut through or penetrate: a cry broke the silence 17. (transitive) to improve on or surpass: To put into a stable or unalterable form: tried to fix the conversation in her memory.b. http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-synonyms/broken%20[not%20working%20properly] Sports. (of a pitched or bowled ball) to change direction: The ball broke over the plate. 64.

VI + PREP (= decide on) [+ date, time] → fijarthey haven't fixed on a name yet → no se han decidido por un nombre todavíafix upA. Define Serviceable Used in progressive tenses with the infinitive: We were fixing to leave without you.n.1. To change the dictionary for selected text, do the following: Select the text for which you want to change the dictionary language. in the most effective waydefective adjective not made correctly, or not working correctlyfaulty adjective not working correctly or made correctlypurposeless adjective lacking a useful purposepathetic adjective useless or not effective in

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to infringe, ignore, or act contrary to (a law, rule, promise, etc.): She broke her promise. 3. Read More Here You can complete the list of synonyms of broken [not working properly] given by the English Thesaurus dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase Another Word For Not Working How can we improve it? Not Functioning Synonym to decompose.

In some instances, the problem was my own doing and other times I don't know what caused it, maybe it was a bad copy and paste day. weblink a series of successful strokes; run. 91. To set or place definitely; establish: fixed her residence in a coastal village.b. To influence the outcome or actions of (something) by improper or unlawful means: fix a prizefight; fix a jury.d. Not Effective Synonym

no picnic exp. Note: If your version of Office does not provide proofing tools, such as the spelling checker, for the language that you want to use, you might need to get a language pack. In Step 3, choose the next language. navigate here Top of Page Make sure that the Detect language automatically check box is selected To select the Detect language automatically check box in Word, do the following: On the Review tab,

affixaffixalaffixedaffixeranchorantefixattachband aidcardioidconsole tablecost-plus a fixed-fee contractcover chargedefinedeterminatedeterminationdetermineembedentrenchfarm References in classic literature ? Inoperative Important: If the Convert File or File Conversion dialog boxes open, don't make any changes—just click OK. (The correct text encoding setting is Other encoding: Unicode 5.1 (Little-Endian).) In the Save As fix  (fĭks)v.

break away, to leave or escape, especially suddenly or hurriedly.

to kill, make rigid, and preserve for microscopic study. late 14c., past participle adjective from break (v.). Meaning "to disclose" is from early 13c. Inoperative Meaning to put an end to; overcome; stop: His touchdown run broke the tie.

to settle down. 24. Top of Page Make sure that the correct language is applied to the text If the spelling checker isn't checking words that you typed in a different language, or if it a sport. 99. his comment is here In the Custom Dictionaries dialog box, make sure that check box next to the new custom dictionary is selected, clear check boxes for any other custom dictionaries, and then click OK.

to continue (a story or article) on another page, especially when the page is not the following one. 28. an indiscreet or awkward remark or action; social blunder; faux pas. 90. interrupted; disturbed; disconnected: broken sleep 5. to damage or become damaged so as to be inoperative: my radio is broken 3.

to exchange for or divide into smaller units or components: She broke a dollar bill into change. If you're not familiar with this area, I strongly recommend you read Microsoft's Windows registry information for advanced users.As with an earlier suggestion, I rename the folder rather than deleting it. Misspelled words aren't marked as misspelled This can occur. break, bust, burst (see synonym study at the current entry; see usage note at bust) Synonyms Expand See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com 1.

We can't move the cupboard – it's a built-in fixture. to produce flowers or leaves. this meaning has been popularised by the TV series How I Met Your Mother defenestrate v. 1. Botany.

to remove a cargo wholly or in part. 114.