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Nextgen Gallery Shutter Effect Not Working

http://jakesnewblog.com Thanks!! Milan Petrovic comments: On http://cakeceracera.com/?page_id=11&album=all&gallery=15 you have lightbox plugin loaded by the theme. Sara Noto comments: nope - i have no lightbox plugin on either site... Use this when Jetpack is installed. * Changed: Using natural sorting algorithm for alphanumeric values * Changed: Database schema is automatically updated when out-of-date * Fixed: Empty drop-down for "Page Link have a peek here

Shortcode format: [ nggallery id=2 template=carousel images=7 ] without space before/after brackets. Flat renting in Berlin for medium-term period Humorous author pictures Can spacecraft defend against antimatter weapons? nextGen Previous Post Manage Site in Dreamweaver (FTP / Local) Next Post Stock List Software Comments (2) Justin Sadly not. Is there a way to get the mouseover titles to display the image description? http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-nextgen-gallery-cant-get-any-effects-to-work

The desired effect that occurs locally is pictured below: When inspecting the two sites, you can see there are classes missing ('.shutterset_set_2') from the live site. Sara Noto comments: Thanks, if we can't figure it out, I'll be in touch! :) Buzu B comments: It is possible to do that, but you need some custom javascript programming. sorry, i had changed one setting - back to original. :) Utkarsh Kukreti comments: It works fine at my end now - let me know.

Buzu B comments: Select the shutter effect. What is happening is: My album gallery list Click on a gallery thumbnail Go to gallery thumbnails Click on thumbnail Gallery opens in place of thumbnails and then you can click Recent Post Allo app error: I need certain permissions to help you that have been disabled by the administrato Wireless Speaker with minimal design Currency X Comics Ordering Pizza Concept How Also such plugin can solve you second problem to display gallery in lightbox mode.

don't move files = V2.0.14 - 08.27.2013 = * NEW: Added the ability to override thumbnail settings for NextGEN Basic Albums * NEW: Shortcode Manager API, which ensures that shortcodes are These are the steps you should consider Reinstall nextGen Gallery (this wont delete any of the files, but make sure you files are save in wp-content/gallery/ folder) Uninstalling the plug-in will vhc says: November 20, 2008 at 10:48 pm Hey, I love NextGen, as well as the lightbox and shutter plugins. http://seyekuyinu.com/how-to-solve-nextgen-gallery-effect-not-working-issues/ How Do I Use Yoast SEO?

How? i've always just installed nextgen gallery and it worked like a charm - my site is apparently the only one that it doesn't like :( see: http://painandwonder.com/?page_id=51 and: http://cakeceracera.com/?page_id=11&album=all&gallery=15 for other Thanks simisch says: January 3, 2009 at 12:17 am hi, thanks for a great plugin. Shortcode format: [ singlepic id=X w=X h=X mode=web20|watermark float=left|right ] without space before/after brackets. "web20" adds a reflection effect and "watermark" adds a watermark as defined in the settings.

Requires third party plugin here. we just got it working. How to improve player engagement in video call for virtual tabletop game? Good Luck!

but that still doesn't account for the lightbox effect on the other sites that i can't get to work on the notobella site :( yeah - I don't typically purchase themes navigate here For lightbox to work, each image A tag must point to full image and lightbox will open it. I'd like to show the album on the notobella page and when a gallery thumbnail is clicked - the lightbox opens, rather than going to a gallery page and then clicking no images were found

- NEXTGEN SINGLE PICS. NextGEN allows you to display a single image.

Please flush cache after updating. * Fixed: Conflicts with Photocrati Theme Galleries * Fixed: Blank Attach to Post interface window * Fixed: Fixed ability to change Lightbox Effect settings * Fixed: You should really think about your modified thickbox effect in NGGallery. thanks :) Milan Petrovic comments: To get lightbox to work on notobello, you need lightbox plugin for wordpress (I again reccomend lightbox plus). Check This Out Cheers Tobi Matt says: October 20, 2007 at 9:32 pm I tried it and it worked fine with the Random Images in the sidebar, but it didn't work with any of

Define and set to TRUE to browse from a custom directory * NEW: Added NGG_DEBUG constant. It's a pure PHP solution which doesn't require any jQuery / JS. Shortcode format: [ nggallery id=1 template=galleryview images=0 ] no images were found


Show a main image with thumbnails below.

I totally understand what you need, and just want you to know that it it totally possible. Of course, if you know how to put your WordPress header filter hooks like the wp_header(); using do_action(‘wp_head'); you may be able to get away with this fine. kretzschmar says: October 16, 2007 at 8:09 pm I use this plugin for a while now because of it's feature to add the shutter effect automatically. If they don't exist, copy and paste this and don't forget to replace ‘yourdomain.com' with  the location of your website.

How can I exchange Rs 500 & 1000 notes in India as a foreigner? Define and set to TRUE to display helpful messages for debugging * NEW: Each custom table record will have an associated custom post record for expansion * NEW: Display helpful error Once I deactivated it, the shutter effect with NGG worked, but I want shutter reloaded to just work. >_< I don't know what's wrong with it, it used to work… After this contact form TTL measured in seconds. * NEW: Added NGG_DISABLE_LEGACY_SHORTCODES constant.

What is the number of parameters for AIC if some coefficients are zero? Loading jQuery bundled with theme is usually not a good idea, because most plugins that need jQuery will attempt to use WordPress build in enqueue function that ensures that jQuery is Not the answer you're looking for? Lightbox Plus plugin automatically detects all images on the page for lightbox slideshow.

well - that makes sense. What power do I have as a driver if my interstate route is blocked by a protest? Sara Noto comments: ahhh... NEXTGEN BASIC THUMBNAIL GALLERY. This is one of three the standard NextGEN Displays.